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 About The Business Club   

The Business Club is committed to helping you grow your business and, as we are ourselves a business we understand your frustrations as well as your needs. 
The environment is friendly and clubs are held in the evening so that your networking and professional development doesn't eat into your business day (although, on the odd occasion we do hold events at other times).  
You will find that the membership fees are more than competitive and importantly, include either a hot, cold or mixed buffet at each meeting. 
There is no pressure on you to bring referrals along although it is only natural that businesses are referred to each other, introductions are made and requests for introductions are voiced. Members and their guests are given the opportunity to share with the rest of the room what they offer, do or sell, however they want to be perceived, although you don’t have to stand up and introduce your business if you don’t want to. 
Information, ideas, contacts, help and support are all things you’ll find at The Business Club along with a very warm welcome and an environment that is conducive to growing your business and achieving your objective. 

History of The Business Club and Why It Was Formed . . . 

In 1992 the UK was in the depths of recession, the housing market had collapsed and companies were struggling very hard to survive. As always, the small and medium enterprises, or SME's, formed the backbone of commerce in the UK, however there was very little help and advice available and business owners were left to fend for themselves. 
The Business Club was created in Peterborough to help companies with Sales and Marketing advice and to create a support network. 
It soon became obvious that it was equally, if not more, important for business owners and managers to meet regularly with like-minded people who were facing the same problems and issues. 
It was also evident that the majority of business owners, whilst hard working and committed had little, or no, management training. So although winning new business was their biggest issue, they also needed help with areas which resulted from poor sales revenue – areas which were important to their survival. 
Business owners were looking for information that would help them with cost reduction, increasing efficiency, low morale, effective marketing skills, selling skills, managing people and so on. 
As these were all subjects The Business Club focused on providing, The Club grew rapidly and started attracting larger companies who saw Club members as a market for them. 

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Today The Business Club in Peterborough collectively boast over 70 member companies and 100 contacts within those companies.  
As membership is corporate and not individual, anybody in the company can attend, so the number of individuals is far greater. 
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